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  • — Ezekiel Vicente

    ...Working with Ryan has arguably been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. My very first session was like a glass ceiling-shattering experience that made me see things differently and got me started on my healing and transformation process. Fast forward to today, life has been pretty amazing; things are moving along in the direction that I want things to be and Ryan played a MAJOR part in helping me get to where I am...

    — Ezekiel Vicente
    senior partner and manager at Mind Valley
  • — Veena Sidhu

    Being an adviser to the leadership of many wonderful organizations, sometimes it’s hard to find quality guidance for myself.I was impressed by his level of care, his devotion to spirit,and the accuracy of his work. Within an hour he helped me hone in on something I had been diligently working to uncover... Ryan popped into my life at a critical moment after some monumental changes. I’m very grateful for Ryan.He’s like a soul brother.

    — Veena Sidhu
    executive strategist and consultant

Integrative Guidance that Liberates Your Maximum Human Performance

  • — Jeff Faldalen

    As the Divine would have it, I get an email from [Ryan] one day and I responded saying, “I don’t know why, but I feel like I am supposed to be working with you.” Now looking back on the day, it is clear that feeling was a nudge from God. I was in the depths of a very dark situation and really was lost... After working with Ryan for a very short time, I knew my understanding of the Divine was going to radically change. Ryan has guided me back into my Truth and Power, which led to healing the darkness that once controlled me. I have been coached by the best and trained the best, but I have never meet anyone that brought me the freedom like Ryan. He has held true to his word, which was, “I only deal with Truth.”

    — Jeff Faldalen
    master performance coach
  • — Candace B

    Working with Ryan really helped me to understand how my mind works and how the ego plays a huge part in my life and my self worth.I always felt I was not worthy and therefore affected my life so much. Ryan helped me to see that all this self sabotaging was from my ego and learning that helped me tremendously to become aware of my thoughts and to help me to love myself.I also felt like I never belonged anywhere and Ryan helped me to see and feel that i am divinely loved and always supported.Those were the 2 most profound insights that have really helped me to love myself and through that wonderful things are happening.

    — Candace B
  • — Hannah Zambrano

    Have you ever had one of those long, deep conversations with an old soul friend? The kind of conversation that fills you up, leaves you filled with hope and a new perspective on life? A session with Ryan is like that...He will connect with your core and show you aspects of yourself that need work and awareness. He knew when to be gentle, and when to coax me in areas where there was needless resistance.He will deliver powerful messages that will help you navigate through the practicalities of being a soul in a human body.I have never underestimated the power of guidance, but it was not until I had my session with Ryan that I truly understood the real, tangible impact it can have in our lives.

    — Hannah Zambrano
  • — Luminita Saviuc

    Ryan came into my life at a time when I really needed help healing a part of myself that was so wounded and in desperate need of love and healing... As a blessing, a dear friend of mine suggested I do a session with Ryan...Ryan went right to the core of me and saw a wound that was in desperate need of healing, and it helped me heal and reconnect with myself, my heart and soul, and with God...Thank you so much, Ryan. You are our BIG brother of Light. And I am so thankful for all that you do.

    — Luminita Saviuc